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Incidents of violent crime towards foreign men are on the rise. Below are news articles highlighting the stories of men like you who were dating in Colombia.

28 Articles

Apr 11, 2024 Moment foreign tourist walks into Medellín rental home with two women he met on Tinder before he was drugged and robbed

Mar 05, 2024 Two US Citizens Arrested for the Sexual Exploitation of Minors in Colombia

Feb 21, 2024 Slayings of tourists and Colombian women expose the dark side of Medellin’s tourism boom

Feb 06, 2024 Tragic Trend Continues: Fourth American Found Dead in Medellín Within Four Days

Jan 23, 2024 U.S. tourists in Colombia caught in new wave of kidnappings

Jan 21, 2024 They met on a dating app in Bogota. He woke up dizzy and without his passport the next day

Jan 20, 2024 Americans Looking for Love Are Getting Killed by Gangs in Colombia

Jan 17, 2024 He Was Drugged & Robbed By 2 Colombian Girls For $7k - QB Tells Us What Happened

Jan 11, 2024 Visitors to Colombia warned over dating apps after eight US deaths in two months

Jan 11, 2024 Eight 'suspicious' US deaths in Colombia linked to dating apps

Jan 02, 2024 PASSPORT BROS Getting DRUGGED and ROBBED in Colombia

Dec 31, 2023 Kurt Caz on scopolamine girls in Medellin

Dec 19, 2023 Colombia is Just as Dangerous as You Think (robbed at gunpoint)

Dec 15, 2023 50-year-old Minnesota man kidnapped and killed while visiting Colombia

Dec 13, 2023 Colombia investigates the killing of a Hmong American comedian and activist in Medellin

Nov 06, 2023 HSI assists Colombian National Police in identifying, capturing 3 organized crime group members suspected of robbing and killing US citizen

Nov 02, 2023 Colombian authorities investigate mysterious death of American tourist Johny Jerome, 45, who was found dead in Medellin hotel jacuzzi

Oct 24, 2023 Body of man killed during robbery in Colombia arrives in Chattanooga, family says

Oct 20, 2023 The former ‘murder capital of the world’ is now overrun with tourists

Sep 30, 2023 Colombian police arrest gang who 'murdered Brit tourist' by using 'pretty' honeytraps

Jul 04, 2023 Ring of trans women that targeted foreign men by offering them sex before robbing them facing up to 10 years in a Colombian prison

Jun 05, 2023 Frightening moment Polish tourists are violently mugged at knifepoint while hiking in Colombia and left a bloody mess

May 08, 2023 US soldiers drugged, kidnapped by Colombia crime ring led by man nicknamed ‘Harry Potter,’ DOJ says

Apr 05, 2023 An American Met a Woman on Tinder in Colombia. Now She's Accused of His Murder.

Mar 03, 2023 British tourist dies after he was mugged while hiking in Colombia and left at the bottom of a mountain trail for two days

Nov 12, 2022 OC man robbed, killed in Medellin, Colombia after meeting girl at bar, family says

Oct 12, 2022 Mysterious death of American, 56, in Colombia worries officials who have registered 22 deaths of foreign tourists in the Aburrá Valley this year

Jan 19, 2022 At Least 19 Foreign Tourists Died Violently In Medellín During 2021