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Frightening moment Polish tourists are violently mugged at knifepoint while hiking in Colombia and left a bloody mess

Posted: Jan 26, 2024

A Polish tourist has shared footage of the moment he and a friend were mugged at knifepoint while hiking in Colombia.

The man and the woman, whose names have not been released, were trekking through the Cerro El Volador, a ridge in MedellĂ­n Wednesday, when a man approached them from behind with a sharp object.

The man was talking to the camera in his native language while he recorded them, which is when one of the suspects can be seen running up to them from behind.

A suspect placed his hand around the woman's mouth and his accomplice placed the man in a chokehold as the phone fell to the ground and the video recording stopped.

Later, the man posted a second video showing himself covered in blood.

Police have yet to make an arrest in the case.

The Polish man shared the footage on his social media in hopes that police could help in identifying the muggers.

One of the videos shows his battered face covered in blood as he explains what occurred.

'I was attacked by two men and one of them hit me in the head (with) a knife,' he said in English. 'And yeah, I have a really big headache right now. I need to block my bank account and stuff like this. It's crazy.'

MedellĂ­n Mayor Daniel Quintero called on the police to launch a search for the suspects and offered a reward for anyone that offered information on their whereabouts.

'I have asked my (National Police ) General (José) Acevedo for the utmost attention to find the capture of (these thieves,' Quintero said in a statement. 'The Mayor's Office offers a reward of up to 10 million pesos (approximately $2,300) for information that allows us to immediately capture and prosecute (them).'

The violent mugging came before a British tourist was brutally beaten by three Venezuelan women in MedellĂ­n Friday.

Surveillance camera showed the man approaching a corner at Berrio Park in the heart of the Colombian city.

One of the women could be seen pointing at him when her accomplice joined her in following their target. They managed to gain his attention when they approached him from behind and tapped him in the back.

Several words were exchanged and the man walked away from them before they stopped him from leaving. A third suspect then joined the fray and the women took turns in beating him and tried to take his backpack as dozens of bystanders kept their distance.

The man then managed to escape from the woman and was aided by the police, who arrested the three muggers.

Data released by the MedellĂ­n's Tourism Observatory revealed that thefts against foreign visitors quadrupled in the first four months of 2023 in comparison with the same period last year.

Authorities registered 300 thefts between January and April 2023. There were 69 robberies reported by tourists during the same stretch in 2022.

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