Why using dating apps in Colombia is dangerous


Colombia is a beautiful country. From the scenic hills and mountains, its picturesque country sides, to the sprawling cities, Colombia is near and dear to many.

Moreover, Colombia is well-known for its beautiful women. They represent all shapes, sizes and complexions. Morenas, piel blancas, and trigueñas, pelinegras, pelirrojas, rubias - you name it, it can be found in Colombia.

As such, many foreign men travel to Colombia for love, hoping to find a Colombian chica to win over and potentially marry.

Many Colombian women seek a relationship with foreign men as well. While many are motivated by access to resources and better opportunities for their families, some Colombian chicas simply want a foreign man to sweep them off their feet.

Given the availability of dating apps such as Tinder, Colombian Cupid and others, many foreign men use them to meet Colombian chicas when visiting cities like Medellin, Bogota, and Cartagena.

The Problem

Because of increasing poverty due to the pandemic, some criminal gangs are turning to apps like Tinder to find unsuspecting men to drug and rob them.

Gangs will recruit women to create profiles on these dating apps, for the expressed purpose of meeting men, drugging them and stealing their property.

A quick search through YouTube will reveal a multitude of examples where men were drugged with Scopolamine, aka. Devil’s breath.

Scopolamine is unique because it completely removes the victim’s inhibitions, while allowing them to look and act coherent. The victim is highly suggestable, and will voluntarily hand over cash, valuables and in certain cases, all of their furniture to the person that asks for it.

While druggings and robberies can occur when meeting women from other sources like bars, on the street or in a park, it seems that men who meet women on dating apps have an increased risk of being robbed due to the relative ease in which a woman can create, use and delete a dating profile.

How to stay safe

There are a variety of other sources that men visiting Colombia can use to reduce the likelihood of being drugged and robbed.

Men can meet women at parties that are organized by a well-known expat or local. The party organizers will screen women on your behalf to ensure that all party attendees are safe.

Men can meet women on Facebook, which is a great resource, as it provides men with a glimpse into the woman’s life, her friends and overall history. While there are definitely bad apples that use Facebook, it's much easier to screen a chica with a Facebook profile than with a Tinder profile

The best approach is to meet Colombian women during the day, and then ask them out on a date at night. Colombian women are much more friendly and receptive to being approached as compared to women from the United States. You can take this a step further by asking the Colombian woman to introduce you to 2 or 3 of her female friends. This method enables you to salvage any interaction that you have with a Colombian woman, thus allowing you to build your network.

Moreover, using tools like ChicaCheck can bring additional clarity and insight about a Colombian chica, which helps men to make the best dating choice possible. This is done by providing reviews, safety warnings and alerts to users who are interested in learning more about the chica for which they are going to date.

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