Why I Joined the Passport Bros Movement and You Should Too

Contributed by: Passport Bro Gabe

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong in your own country? Do you feel like the women in your own culture don’t respect you enough? Are you tired of the dating scene in the US and want to try something different? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to join me and thousands of other men in the Passport Bros movement.

What is the Passport Bros movement?

The Passport Bros movement is a growing trend of men, especially Black American men, who travel the world with nothing but a passport and a sense of adventure. The movement is based on the idea that women in other countries, especially in South America and South Asia, are more traditional, feminine, loyal, and respectful than women in the US. The Passport Bros say that they are not looking for sex tourism, but for real love and companionship with foreign women who share their values and appreciate them for who they are.

The Passport Bros movement started on YouTube in 2019, when some Black men started to share their travel vlogs and relationship advice videos. They showed how they met and dated gorgeous women in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, and the Philippines. They also talked about how they felt more respected, appreciated, and happy in these countries than in the US. They inspired other men to follow their example and get their passports ready.

The movement gained more popularity on TikTok in late 2022, when more men joined the hashtag #PassportBros and shared their experiences with foreign women. Some of them even showed off their foreign wives and girlfriends, who they said were more loving, supportive, and faithful than American women. The Passport Bros also defended themselves from American women who were too independent, demanding, entitled, and ungrateful. They said that American women had lost their femininity and their respect for men.

Why do some women hate the Passport Bros movement?

Not everyone is happy with the Passport Bros movement. Some women, especially Black American women, have expressed their anger with the movement on social media. They have accused the Passport Bros of being weak, insecure, misogynistic, and racist. They have said that the Passport Bros are running away from their problems and responsibilities in the US and taking advantage of poor and desperate women in other countries. They have also said that the Passport Bros are foolish and naive, and that foreign women are only using them for money and visas.

Some women have also pointed out that the Passport Bros are copying their “white oppressors”, who have been colonizing and exploiting people of color for centuries. They have said that the Passport Bros are betraying their own culture and community by rejecting Black women and preferring white or light-skinned women. They have also said that the Passport Bros are spreading stereotypes and lies about Black women being angry, bitter, loud, and unattractive.

What do I think of the Passport Bros movement?

The Passport Bros movement is a controversial topic that has sparked a lot of debate online. Some people see it as a negative and harmful way for men to escape reality and exploit foreign women. Others see it as a positive and empowering way for men to find happiness and love abroad. I think it’s a great movement. I have traveled to several countries and met amazing women who treat me like a king. I have found more peace and joy in these countries than in the US. I don’t care what anyone says about me or my choices. I’m a proud Passport Bro and you should be too.

Stay safe, amigos!

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