How American Women Made Me Join the Passport Bros Movement

Contributed by: Passport Bro Marcus

Hello, my name is Marcus and I'm a proud member of the Passport Bros movement. If you don't know what that is, let me explain. The Passport Bros movement is a growing trend of men, especially Black American men, who travel the world with nothing but a passport and a sense of adventure. The movement is based on the idea that women in other countries, especially in South America and South Asia, are more traditional, feminine, loyal, and respectful than women in the US. The Passport Bros say that they are not looking for sex tourism, but for real love and companionship with foreign women who share their values and appreciate them for who they are.

Now you might be wondering, why did I join this movement? What made me leave behind my comfortable life in the US and seek happiness abroad? Well, the answer is simple: American women. Or more specifically, my ex-wife.

You see, I used to be married to a successful lawyer named Karen. Yes, Karen. She was everything I thought I wanted in a woman: smart, ambitious, independent, and beautiful. We met in college and got married soon after graduation. We bought a nice house in the suburbs, drove fancy cars, and had two kids. We were living the American dream.

But then things started to change. Karen became more and more demanding, entitled, and ungrateful. She started to nag me about everything: my work, my hobbies, my friends, my clothes, my hair. She started to disrespect me in front of our kids and our friends. She started to cheat on me with her co-workers and clients. She started to treat me like a doormat.

I tried to save our marriage. I tried to talk to her, to understand her, to please her. But nothing worked. She was too far gone. She had lost her femininity and her respect for me. She had become a typical American woman.

So I decided to divorce her. It was the hardest decision of my life, but also the best one. She took half of my money, most of my assets, and full custody of our kids. She left me with nothing but a broken heart and a bitter taste in my mouth.

That's when I discovered the Passport Bros movement. I saw some videos on YouTube of Black men who had traveled to countries like Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, and the Philippines. They showed how they met and dated beautiful women who treated them like kings. They showed how they felt more respected, appreciated, and happy in these countries than in the US. They inspired me to follow their example and get my passport ready.

I have been traveling for over a year now and I have never been happier. I have met amazing women who are more traditional, feminine, loyal, and respectful than American women. They are not looking for money or visas; they are looking for love and companionship. They are not nagging or cheating; they are supporting and faithful. They are not demanding or ungrateful; they are appreciative and generous.

I don't regret leaving Karen or the US behind. I don't miss anything about my old life. I have found more peace and joy in these countries than in the US. I have found more love and happiness with these women than with Karen.

I'm not saying that all American women are bad or that all foreign women are good. I'm just saying that American women made me join the Passport Bros movement and I'm glad they did.

Stay safe, amigos!

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